YouTube Has Countless Fake Videos…But These 5 Are Terrifyingly Real

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at 2015.10.12
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It”s no secret that there are plenty of fake ghost videos on YouTube. After all, it”s not hard to make one. All you need is a camera, a few friends, and a basic knowledge of video editing. However, hidden amongst the fakes are a few ghost videos that stand out as authentic. There”s just something unsettling about them that you don”t get with the obvious fakes.

Get ready to lose some sleep.

1. The slamming doors.

This video allegedly depicts a haunting somewhere in Poland. There”s something about how this guy reacts to what”s happening that makes it extra terrifying.

2. Ghost possession in a convenience store.

If you look closely at the glass door at the end of the video, you”ll see something spooky.

3. The Horton Mine, Part 1.

This man explores an abandoned cave in the Nevada desert and finds that he”s not welcome.

4. The Horton Mine, Part 2.

One year later, the same man goes back to the Horton Mine and decides (against his better judgment) to explore all the way to the end. The payoff at 7:40 is completely worth it.

5. “I have the body of a pig…”

A group of ghost hunters were exploring a haunted castle in England, when their voice recorders caught something terrifying.

Of course, there will be people who dispute the authenticity of these videos. However, in terms of quality and sheer terror, these videos stand far above most of the supposed “ghost” videos currently online.

At the very least, there is no way those videos of the Horton Mine could be faked.

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