Your Inner Child Will Be Incredibly Jealous Of What These People Can Do In London

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at 2015.10.12
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Who says kids get to have all the fun? Studies show that play is important at every age. Playtime is integral to healthy brain function and can spur creative thinking, as well as problem-solving, work efficiency, increased productivity, and stronger human connections. Still, when you”re an adult, doing anything other than buckling down and being miserable is seen as frivolous. Why is that?

To call attention for the need to integrate work and play, a London-based design team called Pearlfisher has recreated a beloved childhood play space for grown-ups: the ball pit. It”s the exact same as the ones created for kids, only now it”s in a sophisticated white and is (we can only hope) a little less full of pee.

The installation is called JUMP IN, and, true to form, is a room full of white plastic balls. Adults can indulge in latent childhood playfulness and swim around in the ball pit. Open until February 13, JUMP IN was open to the public by appointment and for the fee of one pound. All the proceeds go to the charity organization Right to Play, which provides children around the world with fun, play-based educational opportunities. It got such an overwhelming response that, as of now, it”s all booked up, but Time Out London is giving away five tickets.

With JUMP IN, Pearlfisher hopes to show people the importance of play for play”s sake in everyday life, including at work, and how it can lead to better performance. Also, it”s just a lot of fun to jump around in plastic balls. Do you really need a reason or excuse to have fun? Pearlfisher doesn”t think so, and, based on the photos, it looks like the participants don”t, either.

You can see more of Pearlfisher”s work on their site and Instagram. Even if you can”t make it to London to jump into a grown-up-sized ball pit, remember to take some time to have fun. It”s good for you!

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