Youll Never Believe The Sounds That Come Out Of This Birds Mouth.

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at 2016.02.20
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The superb lyrebird is an Australian songbird that is incredibly talented when it comes to mimicking sounds you wouldnt expect to be coming from a birds beak. In addition to being able to recreate the calls of over 20 different species of birds, it can also imitate sounds we hear in our everyday life. If you didnt see that theyre coming from a bird, you wouldnt even think that that was possible. Take a look at this remarkable mimic in action! You really have to see it to believe it!

1. Firetruck

2. Car Alarm

3. Chainsaw

4. Laser

5. Camera Shutter

6. Hand Saw

7. Human Voice

(via io9)

What an amazing animal! Was it just me, or was that bird telling me it loved me? Eh, you”re right, I”m acting crazy–of course it did.

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