You May Know Las Vegas, But You Probably Don’t Know What It Used To Look Like

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at 2015.12.07
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As the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” While this is certainly true in some cases, it isn”t true for all, especially if you happen to have a camera! You can bring a lot of memories and moments back with you from Vegas if you just snap a few photos on your trip. That”s exactly what these people did back in the day, and it”s an awesome glimpse into what Las Vegas used to be before it became the entertainment behemoth we know today. There”s a pretty stark difference between now and then.

These humble beginnings have since turned into a city full of lavishness, gambling, and sin. Though I suppose that”s why we all go there, isn”t it? (Don”t worry, it”ll stay in Vegas.)

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