While Using Google Maps, Someone Stumbled Across This Ridiculous Building

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at 2015.09.17
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The introduction of Bing Maps brought ahead new revelations about our surroundings. Since we’ve aerial views regarding the entire world at numerous zoom levels, we gain the opportunity to understand world at new and extremely detailed perspectives. Unfortunately, for all those especially considering a particular health center in Canada, you can even observe a few architects unwittingly made some bad alternatives in preparing the building”s design.

This is exactly what you”ll see when you search for the Newmarket wellness target Google Maps.

this is just what you

This is exactly what you”ll see once you zoom in.

it’s this that you

That doesn”t look like everything.

That doesn

Hold zooming.

Keep zooming.

I still don”t–oh!

I however don



Really, that”s embarrassing. Whom created this thing, anyway?

Really, that

(via Izismile)

We seriously would not expect you’ll observe that. We can”t imagine anyone who built this wellness center did this on purpose, but who knows? That may just be how they do things up in Canada. I”m certainly not right here to evaluate.

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