When You Swap A Child’s Face With A Toy’s, The Result Is Surprisingly Terrifying

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at 2016.03.31
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Perhaps the creepiest thing we’ve seen in a while is what this man stumbled upon in an email titled “Face swaps of children and their dolls.” What he saw was something that will haunt his dreams forever — something so scary, we hesitate to show it to you.

All face swaps are inherently creepy, but these might take the cake.

Didn’t we tell you?

Yeah, that’s not okay.

Some companies claim to produce lifelike dolls, but after seeing these photos, I’d beg to differ.

This is just horrible.

(via Reddit)

Let’s be honest. This would make for a great movie plot, because we all know that kids and dolls are the most horrifying terror tropes of all time.

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