When This Dad’s Neighbors See What He Built In His Backyard, They’re Going To Be So Jealous.

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Longer Island daddy, Jay Venini, felt so motivated by the cold temperatures Olympic games in Sochi which he develop this awesome snowfall luge right in their garden for their young ones to savor. Believe me, you”ll be jealous when you see this thing! When they given out gold medals for dad of the season, then Jay is bringing house the gold for Team USA.

Right here”s the luge he build into the backyard. Pretty awesome right?


In the event that kids keep that up after that possibly one-day they are able to make it into Team USA.

In the event that young ones keep that up after that maybe one-day they could succeed into Team United States Of America.

But until then it”s about having a good time!

But until then it

I am talking about only have a look at that face! Best day ever before!

i am talking about simply glance at that face! Best time ever before!

Since he”s done, could I have a go?

given that he

Throwing the digital camera down the luge, for the cool very first individual point of view.

Throwing the digital camera down the luge, for that cool very first individual viewpoint.

View the entire movie in all its Olympic-inspired fame: [youtube id=”o3kT7vuNn6g” circumference=”600″ height=”340″ place=”left”] Origin: YouTube / BuzzFeed

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