What A Group Of Soviet Scientists Did In The 40s Could Keep You Up At Night

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at 2015.10.31
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The Soviets were competitive with their U.S adversaries over science well before the start of the Cold War. One of the strangest experiments out of Soviet Russia was documented in the film Experiments in the Revival of Organisms. The film shows how Russians, eternally obsessed with death, succeeded in resuscitating organs and even whole organisms.

In the first part of the experiment, you can see scientists hook a dog head to a strange machine called an “autojector” and demonstrate it reacting to stimuli as if it were still alive. Scientists then attempt to use the machine to fully revive a dog back to life. Boy, was Soviet-era Russia crazy or what?

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To me, seeing the dog at the end completely resurrected, tail wagging and all, seems kind of suspect. The validity of the experiment has been unsurprisingly called into question for quite some time. Many believe it was elaborately staged as propaganda for the newly growing Soviet Union, which only proves how much the empire valued science in its early days. Either way, it”s a very freaky-deaky video.

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