Watch: Tour Boat in Australia Saves Drowning Wallaby After Dog Chased It to Water

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at 2017.03.13
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In Australia, a wallaby was seen floating in the ocean by way of a a ship tour-guide who carried on to scoop up it and drop it off on-land, with footage recording the whole experience.


Jamie Earley -year-experienced boat tour-guide for g-c jet-boating, was getting several tourists out to get a trip when he found cousin of the kangaroo, a wallaby, fighting to keep afloat.

Seemingly a puppy pursued to the water the bad fella.

Earley given a hand, returning the pet back to its house on land to the macropod.

It didn’t enjoy to be found at the start but it got a tiny bit tired and eventually enabled me to pick up it and put it in the boat plus it simply sat there , told 7 News Brisbane.

And the boat driver helped himself to some selfie that was wonderful.

Source: Facebook/GC JetBoating

Source: Fb/g-c jet-boating

That Wallaby certainly does seem stoned; or exhausted….


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