Was There A UFO Battle Over The City Of Nuremberg In 1561? No One Knows For Sure

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at 2016.04.14
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We think of UFO encounters as modern phenomena, with the only “evidence” being suspiciously blurry YouTube videos of lights in the sky. But as it turns out, UFO sightings have been recorded for way longer than you might think.

Take the 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg, Germany, for instance. Many people were certain that they’d witnessed what was later referred to as an aerial battle over the city.

At dawn on April 14, 1561, witnesses said that the heavens erupted into an apocalyptic struggle between the sun and hundreds of large spheres, rods, and crosses.

It all culminated in the appearance of a black triangular object and some sort of crash outside of the city.

This picture was printed on a broadsheet in Nuremberg after the sighting.

There were, of course, many skeptics of the Nuremberg event. Carl Jung believed that the event could have been a natural phenomenon that was misinterpreted by the people of Nuremberg through the lens of religion and war.

For instance, the shapes could have been swarms of insects mating.

Reports of strange objects in the sky often followed periods of war at that point in history.

Similar reports of flying shapes were recorded during the Thirty Years War. In Basel later that year, the shapes appeared again. Even skeptical scholars admit that the illustrations from that event are eerily similar to those created in Nuremberg.

Whether or not the objects really were UFOs, the Nuremberg event gives us a fascinating look into history and the human psyche, even if it leaves us with more questions than answers.

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