This School In Malaysia Was Forced To Shut Down Due To Spirit Possession

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at 2016.05.04
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When a few people think they’ve seen a ghost, we can safely call them crazy, but what happens when an entire school full of people thinks that their building has been overrun by spirits? Well, that’s a different story.

SKM Pengkalan Chepa 2, a school in Kota Bharu, Malaysia, had to be shut down when students and teachers alike claimed that they’d encountered some sort of supernatural entity.

School officials did just about everything they could to quell those fears by bringing in police, priests, scholars, and even witch doctors. That being said, students and teachers have yet to return.

It all started when students at the school claimed that they’d seen a black figure roaming the halls.

Kids and adults came forward with similar stories. Some believed that an entity was holding them down, and others thought ghosts were trying to enter their bodies. Over 100 people shared their encounters.

A senior staff member told the BBC that it’s possible the disobedience of the students caused the spiritual uprising. She brought up the students’ penchant for throwing garbage around. “Perhaps they hit some djinns and offended the spirits.”

Djinns are spirits in Islamic mythology that are frequently referenced in the Quran. You might know them in their anglicized form as “genies.”

The school was closed so that Islamic priests could read from the Quran in an effort to ward off these spirits. Malaysian witch doctors were called in to perform exorcisms. The school also hired counselors to talk to those who were affected by the madness.

Experts say that this is a textbook case of mass hysteria, which usually involves collective delusions that spread rapidly within a tight-knit group. That conclusion still might not be enough to get terrified students and staffers back in the classroom.

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