This Military Training Exercise Might Be The Most Terrifying Thing Ever

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at 2016.04.30
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Becoming a United States Marine is one of the most difficult things you can do. Before you’re allowed anywhere near a battlefield, you have to endure months of intense training, and it’s the kind of training that pushes your body and mind to their limits. Do you think that you could handle becoming a Marine?

You might think so…right up until it’s your turn for the helicopter crash test. For this test, Marines sit in a reconstructed helicopter bay that’s then submerged in a pool. Their task is to escape from the craft. Oh, and they have to do it blindfolded.

Just watching this gives me aquaphobia.


(via Reddit)

If I didn’t already have the utmost respect for Marines, I do now. That literally looks like the worst thing ever. They’re basically the toughest people of all time.

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