This May Look Like An Ordinary Pillow, But Wait Until He Runs His Hand Over It

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at 2016.05.15
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I’m sure that not many of you have thought about the fashionable qualities of the pillows in your house. As long as they match the other furniture, you don’t need to put any additional thought into them, right?

Well, you might start when you see this. Universe, meet the mermaid pillow. This thing changes colors when you run your hands over it, and it’s pretty much the best.

The pillow was discovered by journalist Steve Noviello while in a furniture store in Nebraska. The pillow is covered in sequins that magically change colors when you touch them!

Here’s the full video of Noviello’s mermaid pillow experience:

Came across these changing “mermaid” pillows at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Amazing or horrifying? Nebraska Furniture Mart doesn’t sell these on line- here’s a link to a vendor!online-store/c9vn/!/OUR-BLING-MERMAID-STYLE-REVERSIBLE-SEQUIN-PILLOW-17X17-SALE/p/58973055/category=0

Posted by Steve Noviello on Sunday, January 10, 2016

(via Metro UK)

I need to get my hands on one of these! They are so cool and retro. Every home decor company should have a few of them in stock.

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