This May Look Like A Toaster, But Its Real, Hidden Purpose Is WAY Cooler

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at 2015.10.13
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You would never want to mix up your actual toaster with the Nintoaster 2.0, a cheeky homage to the beloved classic NES game console. Designed by Finnish artist Jarno Kotavuopio, its slots serve as the connections for the game cartridges, and it plugs into a TV the way any console would. It”s not that far off from the general design of the much-loved NES, into which the game cartridges are inserted vertically. This version just happens to look like a toaster.

One slot holds the plug that connects the console to the TV, while the other holds the cartridge. The red lights inside are simply LEDs, but they give it that toasty look. Their brightness can be controlled by the knob on the side. The whole thing turns on when the plunger is set down.

The Nintoaster can play any functioning NES game.

The Nintoaster 1.0, the version that preceded the 2.0.

(via Design Taxi)

(via YouTube/jarnok33)

Neither Nintoaster is for sale, but that”s not to say that it never will be. Personally, I”m waiting for one that plays NES games and makes toast, but that might be a tall order.

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