This Man Sat Across From An Innocent Teen, And What Bystanders Did Was Incredible

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at 2015.10.12
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The “catfishing” phenomenon has become a dangerous and scary reality of the online dating community. When you are talking to a person online, you don”t really know who they are, as there is hardly any evidence to the fact that they are a real person. You need to be careful when you talk to potential dates online. If you aren”t, you could end up in a particularly scary situation.

Though this iteration of catfishing was staged, it presents a very real scenario that can happen to people using online dating sites. Watch as the people around this “date” react to seeing an online meet-up gone awry.

(via ABC News)

This is quite telling of what society stands for and what it doesn”t accept. Regardless of the reactions of the people in this video, it is always important to be safe when meeting someone from the Internet. Doing so has become more commonplace than ever, but that doesn”t mean you shouldn”t take precautions.

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