This Is Why You Should Never Wear Any Metal While Getting An MRI

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at 2015.10.29
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If you”re like millions of Americans, you”ve undergone or will undergo an MRI screening at some point in your life. MRI machines are amazing because they quickly give doctors a detailed picture of what”s happening inside your body. Seriously. These machines are medical miracles.

MRIs operate using extremely powerful magnetic fields. Anyone preparing for an MRI has to be scanned with a metal detector and stripped of all objects that could potentially be magnetic. This means no belts, earrings, or glasses. If you somehow manage to get a piece of metal near the magnetic field of an MRI machine, the results can be destructive and even deadly. The field is so powerful that it can pull heavy objects into its path from across the room.

Researchers decided to test the power of these magnetic fields, and they filmed it for all of us to enjoy.

(via: IFL Science)

I”m impressed that no one was hurt in the making of this video. Just imagine accidentally forgetting to take off an earring before getting into an MRI machine…That machine would rip it clean off.

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