This Guy’s Dash Cam Captured The Moment He Unexpectedly Passed Out While Driving…It’s Terrifying

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at 2015.10.11
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One of the scariest things that can happen to anyone is passing out while driving. While it might seem unlikely, it happens more often than you probably think. Even if you don”t have a history of fainting, it can still happen to you. That”s something Paul Yearley learned in a shocking way back in April.

Yearley says he had never once fainted in 26 years, when suddenly he lost consciousness while driving his new Ford Mustang on the highway. He was only out for about a minute, but a minute is a long time when you”re going 65 mph.

(source: YouTube)

Yearley says that his bout of unconsciousness was caused by a previously unknown medical condition. Luckily, he didn”t sustain any life-threatening injuries. It”s easy to see how much worse this could have turned out.

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