This Goofy Cat Gets A Little Help From A Pal (And It’s Too Funny), Oops!

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at 2015.09.22
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What the results are whenever a pet gets its mind caught in some thing…say, by way of example, a Solo cup? Step one is immense confusion, followed closely by anxiety, walking around backwards, and this fortunate pet, the ultimate action is usually to be conserved by an unlikely pal.

“in which am I?”



“Oh, uhhhhh…didn”t see you there.”

"Oh, uhhhhh...didn

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Exactly what a considerate canine! It appears to be just like the pet isn”t even that appreciative…As if an elegant cat would EVER need the assistance of a big lumbering pup like this. This small man moves on, acting like absolutely nothing awkward previously happened. Rude.

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