This Furniture Is Lightweight And Easy To Store, But Wait ‘Til You See Why

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at 2015.10.12
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Have a bigger turnout than you expected? Are you having an impromptu get-together? Is it just too damp out for a picnic? Perhaps you should try this incredible pop-up furniture from artists Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner.

The pop-up furniture was inspired by pop-up books and cards. It features seating and a table surface.

One of the models opens into this bench seat and table. Impromptu brunch, anyone?

The other turns into a chair and a table for when you”d like a change of scenery as you work.

(via DesignTaxi, The Gasoline Station)

The lightweight, easily produced material and the way it folds flat for easy storage or shipping means that foldable furniture could become more popular. With people trying to streamline their lives and live more sustainably, something like this concept is perfect.

Currently, the pop-up furniture is still in its prototype phase, and continued tweaks have to be made to make them able to support more weight. Yet these low-profile designs could be something big. Say goodbye to ugly, metal folding chairs!

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