This Deep-Sea Fisherman’s Twitter Account Will Keep You Out of the Ocean Forever

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at 2017.02.27
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Roman Fedorstov

Source: Twitter @rfedortsov

Forget about Nemo, these fish are absolutely terrifying.

Roman Fedorstov, a fisherman from Murmansk, Russia has been sharing pictures online of the fish he catches while deep-sea fishing – and some of his findings are straight out of a horror movie.

According to the Moscow Times, Fedorstov works on port in northwest Russia near the Barents Sea, which opens up into the Arctic Ocean.


While Fedorstov’s findings might be normal to the average deep-sea fisherman, they are chilling for the rest of the world. Just scrolling though Fedorstov’s Twitter account is enough to keep you out of the water forever.

Just check out the teeth on that thing!

According to Science Alert, these ominous fish live in the “twilight zone of the ocean.” The area is also known as the Mesopelagic area and extends 660 to 3,300 feet below the surface of the ocean.

“Below the Mesopelagic is the Bathyal zone, which spans from 3,300 to 13,000 feet at which point there is zero sunlight,” reported Science Alert.

Basically, the creepy crawlers that live in the Mesopelagic and Bathyal zones have very limited sunlight and become invisible in the depths of the water.

I mean, just look at these things!

It’s pretty much like a sci-fi movie in real life.

Sorry, I don’t think we are ever going in the ocean again.

Check out more of Fedorstov’s findings on Twitter and Instagram.

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