This Deep-Fried Big Mac Is Truly A (Delicious) Sign Of The End Of The World

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at 2015.10.13
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Even though we love all things hyperbolic here at ViralNova, we”re not usually inclined to believe in omens. We handle a lot of freaky material, so that”s made us skeptical of everything.

But something recently came across our desk that even we believe to be a sign of end times. Prepare yourselves for what you”re about to see, because it”s not pretty.

It came to us via PeepMySneaks and Foodbeast — two Instagram accounts that celebrate food in all its glory.

It came to us via <a href=

At first glance, it looks like something deep-fried and saucy. And who doesn”t love deep-fried, saucy things? No one, that”s who. But then we learned the terrifying truth…

You may want to turn away if looking the harbinger of the apocalypse in the face is too much for you. You won”t be able to unsee this.

What you”re looking at is a deep-fried Big Mac.

What you

We”re not sure which horseman of the apocalypse would want to carry this. They might have to make a fifth one to handle deep-fried crimes against humanity.

See the unholy process right here:

Deep Fried McDonald”s BIG MAC gets the @peepmysneaks treatment! || #foodbeast @peepmysneaks

A video posted by foodbeast (@foodbeast) on

(via Sploid, Foodbeast)

Side effects of looking at this creation from the abyss include speaking in tongues and bleeding stigmata.

In all seriousness, though, if you want to see more crazy food creations, check out both Foodbeast and PeepMySneaks on Instagram. And then eat some salad.

For more world-ending foods, check these out, and then pray for humanity:

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