This Beer Company Replaced A Rugby Player’s Teeth With Beer Bottle Openers

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at 2015.10.12
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When it comes to pairing sports and alcohol, nothing goes together better than beer and rugby. Not that I”ve had much experience playing rugby or anything, but I can imagine that an important part of maintaining that rugby bod is pounding a couple high calorie brews after (or during) a game.

That”s why Argentinian beer company Salta released this ad, which features a surgeon named Dr. Sebastian Juri designing and installing a unique kind of tooth in place of the ones rugby players lose in dog piles a tooth that can actually be used to open bottles. It sounds painful, but so is rugby. I”d also wager that beer helps.

The surgery and installation look pretty brutal, but dental bottle openers seem to work pretty darn well. Can”t beat that convenience, right?

I wonder if other brands could learn a thing or two from Salta. Beringer could make corkscrew implants for those times when no one at book club has the energy or coordination to get up and find one themselves.

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