Things You Should Actually Buy at the Dollar Store

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at 2016.12.03
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We’ve all been there for the best deals: the dollar store. Sometimes things are a dollar, sometimes they’re not, but we always know one thing: they are dirt cheap. But is anything worth buying at the the dollar store? We know that with cheap prices comes cheap manufacturing. Won’t it just break in a week? Believe it or not, there are some items that you should definitely get from the dollar store. These items won’t break or expire and they are items you actually need. Well, OK, mostly need.

Here’s the definitive list of items you should get from your local dollar store.

1. Greeting Cards Everyone who’s been to Hallmark knows a greeting card can set you back as much as six bucks. But it doesn’t have to! The dollar store has you covered. They have greeting cards for every occasion at less than a dollar.

2. Plastic Utensils Why spend more money on something that is just going to be thrown away right after use?

3. Paper Clips At Office Depot, a pack of paper clips can run you $2.49. Get’em for $1 a pack at Dollar Tree.

4. Storage Bins Bins used for storage don’t need to be anything fancy. You throw the old Christmas lights in and toss it in the basement. At the dollar store, you’ll find bins for a variety of uses.

5. Tampons/Sanitary Napkins As long as women still have to pay for these, they should purchase them at the dollar store. Feminine products can set you back six to ten bucks elsewhere.

6. Aluminum Foil You should always get your aluminum foil at the dollar store. The price per square foot will always beat any other retailer.

7. Wrapping Paper At other stores, wrapping paper can be 5$ per roll, but at the dollar store, a 20-foot roll is a buck.

8. Cleaning Supplies Buying cleaning supplies at the dollar store is a good way to keep to a budget. The supplies have all the same ingredients (though maybe a bit diluted) and get the job done.

9. Double-Sided Tape This can cost around five bucks at Staples, you can find at a fifth the price per inch at the dollar store.

10. Mailing Supplies The dollar store sells padded envelopes in pairs of two and a ten-pack of mailing labels.

11. Seasonal Decor Holiday decorations are crazy expensive these days. Rite-Aid sells some of their Christmas decor for as much as $60. But never fear, the dollar store is here. They may not have as large a selection, but you sure won’t be busting any budgets.

12. Craft Supplies Even if you’re not into crafting, it’s a good way to keep kids busy. The dollar store sells plenty of beads, crayons, paintbrushes, coloring books, glitter, and more!



13. Socks Socks are basically disposable clothes. They always get lost in the dryer or develop holes quicker than you want them too. Therefore, dollar store socks are the way to go.

14. Hair Ties Hair ties are like socks. You buy 50, and suddenly you have two. They got lost so fast, you might as well save on them. Hair clips and other accessories are also very cheap.

15. Bathroom Supplies This includes shaving cream, mouthwash, toothbrushes, and loofas.

16. Mugs/Glasses This a good way to store up on mugs and glasses for cheap. Just make sure they’re dishwasher/microwave safe.

17. Picture Frames Back in the day, people actually posted pictures on walls instead of social media. If you’re into that kind of thing, a variety of picture frames are sold at dollar stores for a fraction of the cost.

18. Pots/Vases You can find some pretty pots and vases for planting flowers at the dollar store. Why spend the extra cash if you don’t need to?

19. Books Barnes and Noble sells new books for over $20. The dollar store also has popular books for a fraction of the price – in hardcover.



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