They Were Playing A Prank On Drivers, But They Were The Ones Who Got A Scare

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at 2015.11.12
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Is there anything better than playing a lighthearted prank on an unsuspecting person? Seeing the scared look in their eyes, the relief that it wasn’t real, and then the laughter that ensues after they realize they were pranked can be a rewarding sequence for practical jokers.

Unfortunately, that laughter doesn’t always surface. These people were trying to play a prank on unsuspecting drivers, when their prank suddenly backfired. It then got pretty ugly.


As soon as I saw the beginning of this video, I knew it was going to be a bad idea. Playing pranks in the street on drivers never turns out well. After all, they are driving one-ton killing machines.

Don’t play pranks in the streets, kids.

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