They Set Their Cameras Up In The Forest Every Night. What They Recorded Is Epic.

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at 2015.11.04
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Evening falls over a silent forest, miles from civilization, and darkness spreads through the trees–but not entirely. In the dark, mysterious lights slowly begin twinkling in the woods. What is it?

If you see this in nature, you”re probably seeing bioluminescence, the ability of some life forms to produce light. You can usually find it in dark places, and it”s most popularly found in fungi and deep-sea fish. In this case, though, you”re actually seeing an art project by artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad.

Van Schoor and Mawad spent six weeks in the woods, taking in the scenery and creating the subtle but enchanting light show you see in the video. The effects were created using projection mapping, which allows a moving, interactive painting made of light to appear on any surface and turn the ordinary into something magical.

Mawad and van Schoor make up two-thirds of the artist group 3hund, who specialize in projection mapping and video installation, along with collaborations with other artists and composers. This project, called Bioluminescent Forest, was inspired by natural bioluminescence and the forms of the plants and animals they found in the forest. They set up their computers and created custom images which they mapped onto trees, mushrooms, leaves, and even toads.

To see how it was done, check out their behind the scenes video:

(Videos via Vimeo/3hund)

You can find out more about the artists on the project”s website. Be sure to also take a look at some of van Schoor”s and Mawad”s individual projects.

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