These Pictures Of Dolls Are So Unsettling, You’ll Never Want To See One Again

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at 2015.10.12
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The evidence below should make it abundantly clear at this point (if it wasn”t already) that dolls are creepy and should be burned. As their plastic bodies melt, we should pray that the evil spirits within them find their way back to the underworld where they belong.

One faithful Redditor has taken my message to another level by photographing his sister”s old dolls using creepy lighting and framing techniques. If you don”t want these dolls destroyed, you”ve clearly fallen under their demon spell. There”s no saving you now.

And if that didn”t convince you that these things should meet a fiery end, here are are a bunch of other creepy pictures of dolls that should sway you over to my way of thinking.

I don”t know what compelled him to photograph all these dolls in such a way, but if it helps convince the world to adopt my mission of eradicating dolls from the planet, then so be it.

Now it”s time to build a pyre and burn these damn things! Who”s with me?

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