These Explorers Caught A Pair Of Evil Glowing Eyes Inside This Abandoned Asylum

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at 2016.05.09
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By this point, if you find a former mental asylum, you can assume that it’s haunted. It’s really just a matter of how haunted the joint is. Is it plagued by playful ghosts, or overrun with specters of the angrier variety? When it comes to exploring the old Westborough State Hospital in Westborough, Massachusetts, the answers to those questions are respectively “yes” and “the latter.”

That’s at least judging by this video that was posted in December by a pair of urban explorers.

Upon reviewing the tape, they noticed what appeared to be a pair of glowing eyes watching them from the darkness.


(via The Paranormal Blog)

That is terrifyingly compelling. Normally, I would think it’s probably just a reflection. But what makes me think it could be authentic is that these eyes only make one appearance. It’s as if the spirit just wanted to remind the explorers that they definitely weren’t alone.

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