These Charmingly Complicated Light Switch Plates Could Brighten Any Room

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at 2015.11.09
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If your light switches have been looking a little boring lately, may we suggest these decorative switch plates from Green Tree Jewelry. Your light switch still operates as normal, but the physical act of switching sets off a series of gears, levels, toggles and fulcrums that make turning on a light seem suddenly much more complex than simply flicking a switch–which, of course, it is, but not exactly like this.

The plates are formed by a series of laser-cut pieces of wood held together with pins, and the action of moving the switch from the “on” to the “off” position (and vice versa), sets them in motion. Gears spin, balances shift, and an arrow moves to point to the “ON” or the “OFF” signs painted on. The muted and jewel-toned colors and Art Nouveau-type sweeping embellishments call to mind a steampunk aesthetic.

(via TwistedSifter)

Their overly-complicated, purely decorative kinetics are charming to behold, but they also serve to remind us that behind the smoothest of surfaces, whether mechanical or biological, complex actions and reactions are taking place to create and shape the world around us.

You can see more of Green Tree Jewelry”s items on their site–true to their name, they also make jewelry–and keep up with their latest creations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also purchase their pieces on their Etsy shop.

Now, fathers can actually enjoy following their families around the house and shutting off the lights. (At least maybe a little.)

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