These 21 Inventions Seem Crazy, But Are Actually Crazy Smart. I Want Them All.

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at 2015.09.28
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It”s hard to say what goes on in the mind of inventors. Benjamin Franklin created a lot of important items we still use today, but everyone knows that guy was a bit of an oddball. I mean, he wanted our national bird to be the turkey (which isn”t particularly inspiring).

But that quirky mindset is what makes these innovative thinkers so good at what they do and keep our world constantly evolving. Which is why you might think these inventions are a little strange at first, but soon you”ll see they”re actually pretty genius.

1. Cardboard Bicycle

Cardboard Bicycle

2. Light Fueled By Dog Waste

Light Fueled By Dog Waste

3. Doggie Highchair

Doggie Highchair

4. Heat Alert Dog Collar

Heat Alert Dog Collar

5. Air Conditioned Shoes

Air Conditioned Shoes

6. Shower Microphone

Shower Microphone

7. Obelisk Chairs

Obelisk Chairs

8. Light Up Slippers

Light Up Slippers

9. Trongs Finger Food Utensil

Trongs Finger Food Utensil

10. Baby Stroller Scooter

Baby Stroller Scooter

11. Car Pet Compartment

Car Pet Compartment

12. Puppy Raincoat

Puppy Raincoat

13. USB Pen


14. Doggy Baby Bjorn

Doggy Baby Bjorn

15. Duck Billed Muzzle

Duck Billed Muzzle

16. Swiss Army Bathroom

Swiss Army Bathroom

17. Light Up Leash

Light Up Leash

18. Wall Spike Hangers

Wall Spike Hangers

19. Pet And Owner Rocking Chair

Pet And Owner Rocking Chair

20. Pet Video Chat

Pet Video Chat

21. Toilet Paper Holder iPod Deck

Toilet Paper Holder iPod Deck

(H/T: List 25.)

I could definitely use some of these in my life. …Or all of these, actually. Yeah, I”ll just take one of everything, please.

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