These 15 Children’s Toys Are So Twisted, They’ll Give You Nightmares Forever

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at 2015.10.08
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Capitalism is a great thing. It”s a system that provides some amazing incentive for companies to be innovative and take risks with their products. However, because of the nature of the system, sometimes manufacturers take things a little too far. Instead of being creative, they end up making a product that no sane person would ever buy.

For whatever reason, a lot of these companies seem to be manufacturers of children”s toys. Why anyone would buy any of these 15 toys is beyond me. Just looking at them will probably give you nightmares, and scar innocent children for life.

(source: Danger Dolan)

I need to know why anyone would makes children”s toys like this. Especially that bear with the mouth butt. Why…just why?!

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