The Unexpected Discovery A Man Made In This Giant Snake Is The Creepiest Ever

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at 2015.11.04
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A fear of snakes is one of the most common fears among human beings. But did you know that even snakes have fears? Based on one recent incident, their greatest fear of all might be other snakes.

The man in the video below was curiously poking around at a snake, only to soon discover that it had another snake inside it. Could this “snakeception” be part of a larger natural occurrence?

(via GreatVid)

One of the most popular symbols of infinity is that of the ouroboros, a snake eating itself into oblivion. And though snakes are known for sometimes eating creatures much larger than themselves, this somehow seems much more impossible. I”m not complaining, though. It”s better that snakes are eating each other instead of going after me.

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