Take A Closer Look At These Designs And You’ll See Something Super Cute

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As tattoos become more popular and tattoo technology allows us to create finer details and brighter colors, there are always artists looking to push the boundaries of what a tattoo can look like. From precise geometric forms to hyperrealism, there are people creating and wearing incredible works of art right on their skin.

One such artist is Eva Krbdk, a tattoo artist at Daft Art in Ankara, Turkey. Aside from a number of other styles, Krbdk mastered this unique tattoo style that looks like a cross-stitched sampler.

This style can be used to create almost anything.

This style can be used to create almost anything.

The image is reduced to its basic colors and arranged along a grid pattern. Then, the different colors are inked in to create an abstracted version of the image. If you”ve ever embroidered in this style, you”ll understand the process perfectly. Using this technique, Eva has created tattoos of everything from classic roses to celebrity and pop culture references, and even text.

These designs are part of a new trend in tattooing that sees a less strict adherence to the traditional or “sailor” styles that became popular for tattoos during the later half of the century. This way, people can better express their personal style and have more choices if they decide a tattoo is right for them.

Aside from this cross-stitch technique, Eva”s work also includes a number of different styles, including linework, watercolor, and traditional tattoos, all executed with precision and attention to detail and color. You can see more of her fantastic work on her Instagram, as well as on the shop”s website.

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