Spice Up Your Vocabulary And Appreciate Art At The Same Time With This Series

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There”s almost too many words in the English language, with many more entering our lexicon seemingly every day. Yet it”s a shame that we rely on so few in everyday life. However, if your linguistics are feeling a little dull, you”re in luck. Irish-based design and illustration duo The Project Twins have a perfect solution for that. Composed of James and Michael Fitzgerald, their work is characterized by humor and wit delivered in a bright, bold aesthetic.

Many of the words are so obscure that they don”t always appear in dictionaries, but they”re all quite real. Your vocabulary lesson begins now.

1. Biblioclasm


Noun. The practice of destroying, often ceremoniously, books or other written material and media. When the new bestseller was revealed to actually be another Twilight fan fiction, the result was a nationwide biblioclasm.

2. Cacedemonomania


Noun. The pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit. We were worried it was cacedemonomania, but it turned out she just had a Meghan Trainor song stuck in her head.

3. Dactylion


Noun. An anatomical landmark located at the tip of the middle finger. I wasn”t being rude, I was just showing you my dactylion

4. Jettatura


Noun. The casting of the evil eye. Sandy performed a jettatura on Bill because Bill stole her sandwich.

5. Ktenology


Noun. The science of putting people to death. Weekly ktenology night at the local pub is something of a downer.

6. Montivagant


Adjective. Wandering over hills and mountains. John lives in Colorado, which is perfect for a montivagant-type guy like him.

7. Noegenesis


Noun. The production of knowledge including observation, discovery of relationships, and the creation of related ideas. Consider these articles as inspiration for your noegenesis.

8. Ostentiferous


Adjective. Bringing omens or unnatural or supernatural manifestations. After being on the receiving end of a jettatura, Bill found himself noticing all manner of ostentiferous animals and occurrences.

9. Pogonotrophy


Noun. The act of cutting, or growing and grooming, a mustache, beard, sideburns, or other facial hair. If you”re interested in the finer aspects of pogontrophy, take a walk through Williamsburg. You won”t be interested anymore.

10. Scripturient


Adjective. Possessing a violent desire to write. There are certain ViralNova articles that make our Facebook followers extra scripturient.

11. Vernalagnia


Noun. A romantic mood brought on by Spring. Sid told Emily that he had vernalagnia, but unfortunately, it sounded too much like an STD for her to appreciate the meaning.

12. Xenization


Noun. The act of traveling as a stranger. Xenization is a perfect activity when you need to get away from it all. It”s also a great word for Scrabble.

13. Yonderly


Adjective. Mentally or emotionally distant; absent-minded. When he was overwhelmed with work, Fred could become somewhat yonderly.

14. Zugzwang


Noun. A position in which any decision or move will result in problems. I”m thinking of starting a movement to officially change the word “politics” to “zugzwang.”

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You can see the rest of the series, as well as other artwork, on the Project Twins” website; there are 26 in total, one strange word for each letter of the alphabet. If you fall in love with one, you can also buy a print on their online shop. And now that your vocabulary has been enhanced, we do expect to see these words peppering your Facebook comments.

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