Someone Replaced Guns In Movies With A Thumbs Up And It’s Hilarious

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at 2016.01.29
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People often feel that movies are too violent these days. There seems to be a push for grittier and edgier material, as some films make increasing usage of deadly weapons. This has others concerned about the ramifications of people seeing guns everywhere, in film, on TV, and in video games. After all, what good does this do for the impressionable youth of today?

With this in mind, a number of creative Photoshoppers appeased these people by replacing guns in movies with a good old fashioned thumbs up. The results are not only non-violent, but also send a positive message to the viewer.



Pulp Fiction

<em>Pulp Fiction</em>

Django Unchained

<em>Django Unchained</em>

Die Hard

<em>Die Hard</em>

Star Wars

<em>Star Wars</em>





Mission Impossible

<em>Mission Impossible</em>



Star Trek

<em>Star Trek</em>

Star Wars

<em>Star Wars</em>

Reservoir Dogs

<em>Reservoir Dogs</em>





The Big Lebowski

<em>The Big Lebowski</em>

Indiana Jones

<em>Indiana Jones</em>

Inglorious Basterds

<em>Inglorious Basterds</em>

The Punisher

<em>The Punisher</em>

Resident Evil

<em>Resident Evil</em>

Dirty Harry

<em>Dirty Harry</em>



Saving Private Ryan

<em>Saving Private Ryan</em>

Men In Black

<em>Men In Black</em>

(via TwentyTwoWords)

That should certainly please parents who are worried about their children”s exposure to guns and violence. It might even inspire them to take down injustice with a thumbs up.

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