Police Officer and Boy He Saved From Drowning Have Emotional Reunion 19 Years Later

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at 2016.11.16
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Source: nbc4i

Source: nbc4i

Get ready for a tearjerker!

After a picture on Facebook was posted in a community event, 24-year-old Chris Jones immediately recognized the man in the picture. He was quick to comment on the image of Police Officer Poole sharing that the officer saved him from drowning when he was just 5 years old.

After putting some information together, Jones was able to track down and surprise Officer Poole during a live interview and got to thank him for saving his life 19 years ago.

“Do you remember me?” Jones asked Officer Poole.

“No, I don’t sir,” said Officer Pool.

“From 1997? I’m the boy you pulled out of a swimming pool,” Jones explained.

Source: nbc4i

Source: nbc4i

After Jones went into detail, Officer Poole remembered who he was and the two of them shared an emotional embrace.

Jones then continued to thank the officer and explained that because of his heroic efforts so long ago, Jones now has a five-year-old of his own.

“Because of you, I’m still here. Because of you, this five-year-old little girl is here,” Jones shared.

Officer Poole and Jones continued to catch up and Jones was able to share with him that he is interested in becoming a police officer himself.

Check out the heartwarming reunion below.

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