One Town In Oregon Is Being Haunted By This Disturbing Sound

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at 2016.04.09
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No one knows what’s going on in Oregon, but it’s really creeping residents out. In Forest Grove, Oregon, a strange noise has been plaguing the city.

The sound strikes at random times during the day and night, and no one can put a finger on what could be causing it. City officials are baffled by the phenomenon and don’t know what to do about it. Here’s what it sounds like.

Some educated guesses are that the noise could be lights going out, an air conditioning unit turning on and off, or even a wind turbine. While these are good theories, none of them have been proved true yet.

(via Huffington Post)

Other theories include aliens, tidal noises, gas valves, owls, and many other theories that can’t be proven wrong or correct. Whatever the case, residents hope that the noise stops soon, because it’s causing them to lose sleep. As of now, this mystery remains unsolved. I guess we will have to add it to our unexplained sounds post in the future!

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