Massachusetts Police Sergeant Becomes Owl Rescuer Twice in 3-Month Span

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After finding two wounded birds of prey while on-duty, Massachusetts police sergeant Donald Bates became an owl rescuer. He was in the proper time as a matter of truth – to conserve two owl-S from what could’ve been their ending at the correct spot. The Whately Police Sergeant stated that it was the sharp eye of passing motorists finding the wounded owls — one on January 17 in one and Oct 7.


“I happen to be lucky enough to function as policeman in responsibility ” Bates wrote for Your Daily Dish.

The Whately Police Department took to Fb to characterize the function. The post read, “On January 17, 20 17 — Soon after 3:00 p.m., Whately Police Department received a phone from a resident saying that an owl seemed to have been hit by a vehicle on Long Plain Road near the Hatfield city line. Sergeant Bates reacted to locate a Barred Owl standing in the roadway searching. The owl wasn’t traveling a way and seemed to really have a leg injuries. Sergeant Bates transported the owl into a rehabilitation centre in Conway.” and could smoothly roll the owl in a blanket

Source: Whately Police Department/Facebook

Source: Whately Police Department/Fb

It was the very first time that I had interaction with the owl,” Bates wrote for Your Daily Dish. “ as he wasn’t trying to escape in any way, He seemed to take bad shape in the time. I talked from our region and called the Massachusetts Environmental Police. Following a short discussion, I attempted to get the owl to catch on a stick to inhabit its talons. That didn’t function. I grabbed a blanket from the girl who called as well as the cruiser uncovered a box in her automobile. I could pick the owl up and set him in the carton. I wrapped up him to keep him from distributing his wings

The avoided fortune of the next owl was faster due to Sgt. Bates’ preceding knowledge. Fortunately he was on-duty at that time when a motorist hit the 2nd owl.

“I caught a plastic bath and got the the phone call once I used to be at the police station and headed to where the owl was,” Bates wrote for Your Daily Dish. “The girl who called it in was nonetheless there and she was being looked at by the owl. I approached it having a blanket in the back. The owl didn’t make an endeavor to proceed in the slightest. I managed to wrap up this owl promptly and got its head un-covered. I didn’t need it in order to transfer it considerably, in the event the owl had a wounded wing or leg, which can be what I was considering. I called the rehabilitation centre in Conway.” and put the owl

At the Massachusetts Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Middle, Sgt. Bates given the second wounded owl to Tom Ricardi, a wild-life rehabilitator who specializes in raptor savings. While there, he inquired about the owl who had been recuperating nicely from a muscle and a busted leg in the wing.

It appears these two wounded owl instances happen to be getting quite lots of interest, making Sgt. Bates significantly of an owl hero to his buddies and fam.

” he wrote for Your Daily Dish As for my relatives and buddies, they believe that it’s very cool. I ’m nevertheless at jolt regarding where the storyline goes. The initial owl created information that was WMUR where my parents and sister both named saying they observed me. Then another day my father said he observed it on WHDH outside of Boston I consider. It’s only quite cool, as a policeman, to have something other than adverse marketing for police departments.”

October Owl Rescued Source: Whately Police Department/Facebook

October Owl Saved (Resource: Whately Police Division/Face Book)

The rehabilitation centre had great news for Sgt. Bates as the first saved owl will be prepared for re lease during the first weekend in February. Bates will possess the honours to set it free.

It seems that I ‘ll have the ability to release the owl at my pick of places in Whately,” Donald Bates wrote for Your Daily Dish. “My married woman named the primary owl Oscar and h-AS me c all Mr. Ricardi often to assess Oscar’s well-being status. She’s really excited to get Oscar launched near to the house. I’m at present making several owl homes to to put on near the swampy place (where) he’ll be released. My wife h-AS named this owl Olivia. I’ve yet to verify with Mr. Ricardi how Olivia is do-ing. As I create this, I’ve a phone in to him. I simply expect it’s women for my wife’s benefit !

Owl named Oscar Source: Whately Police Department/Facebook

Owl named Oscar (Resource: Whately Police Division/Face Book)


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