‘Last Week Tonight’ Host John Oliver Buys, Forgives $15M of Medical Debt for 9000 People

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at 2017.01.27
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Source: HBO/Last Week Tonight

Source: HBO/Last Week To-Night

On the most recent episode of The Other Day To Night, host John Oliver researched the debt collection business in aggravatingly fine aspect, but it was what the host did at the conclusion of the section which is drawing broad praise.

After detailing the way the debt collection business preys on individuals, frequently using aggressive strategies to collect cash the individuals might not actually owe, Oliver reveals how little oversight there’s is at the sector and that, truly, just about anyone can create a collection company – which, needless to say, Oliver had completed.

As it stands, any fool can get in to [ debt purchasing that is ]. And I will show that because I’m a moron, and a debt purchasing firm was began by us, the crowd was informed by ” Oliver.

The host goes to clarify a simple on-line form enabled him and his staff to create a collection company – Central Asset Recovery Specialists, “or CARP, following the bottomfeeding fish” – and that these were were quickly provided a portfolio of almost $15 million in out-of-legislative act medical debt, which can be debt that really can’t be lawfully collected, but debt-collection companies nevertheless pursue.

If I needed to, I really could lawfully have CARP also have workers begin calling folks, turning their lives upside-down over health-related debt they had to spend,” described Oliver and simply take possession of the listing.

We really chose to go another way. Because we believed that instead of accumulating on the cash, why don’t you forgive it Oliver mused.

And that’s just what occurred.

To cheers, Oliver declared the debt info purchased was turned over to your nonprofit organization that could wipe a way that debt for ever. In line with the present, they forgave $14,922,261.76 of health-related debt for 9,000 individuals. The present documented it absolutely was the biggest giveaway in TV program history, even surpassing the remarkable “auto giveaway” on Oprah in 2004.

Considering American families owe mo-Re than $1 2 trillion with debt, that $1-5 million is a little drop in the bucket, however when it comes down to it, every drop brings us nearer to filling that pail to the brim.

View the complete section to get the total image on the unethical practices of the debt business that is accumulating.



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