Japan Zoo Gives Elephants a Pool so Visitors Can Watch Them Have Fun

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at 2017.02.28
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Source: YouTube/Press Association

Source: YouTube/Press Association

Summertime is generally a time everybody gets excited for. For ever wanting it was summer, yet, as heat continues to grow and rise and grow, the warm-weather can make everyone else moan with compunction.

And for animals in zoo, the warmth may be particularly difficult. On the other hand, the elephants of Fuji Safari Park in Japan get to cool-down in a way most zoo creatures (and New Yorkers) can just dream of – with a 65-meter-long swimming pool.

As stated by the movie, all the newest exercise the elephants get has raised their food consumption, as 3 or 4 laps a day swim.

A zoo employee also said the clear glass walls enable people to find out in what way the elephants go submerged, “enabling us to comprehend in what way the elephants go their legs to swim as well as the way in which they come only the tip of the nose to breath.”

See the movie below to see these gentle giants choose a swim!

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