It’s Unbelievable Just Where These 7 Bodies Were Found

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at 2016.01.05
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As we”ve seen in the case of the massively popular podcast, Serial, sometimes the evidence presented during a murder trial doesn”t exactly add up. Sometimes, witnesses give conflicting testimonies. Sometimes, the timelines just don”t seem plausible.

Most troubling of all, though, is when police find a body where there shouldn”t be one at all. Here are some of the insane places where the location of a body defies logic.

1. Blair Adams

Blair Adams

In 1966, Blair Adams suddenly became convinced that someone was trying to kill him. He drove from his home in British Columbia to Seattle. He then flew from the airport there to Washington D.C and rented a car that he drove to Knoxville. There he checked into a motel where his body was later found naked from the waist down. Police are still unsure if his death was due to a mental breakdown, or there was some legitimacy to Adams” fears.

2. Tim Molnar

Tim Molnar

In 1984, 19-year-old Floridian Tim Molnar left to pick up his little brother from school. He never returned, and his body was never found. Two years later his case was featured on an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries.” After the show, someone called in to say that the unidentified body of the young man had been found freezing in Wisconsin. His body still had the keys to the Molnar family house.

3. The Shoebox

The Shoebox

In 1886, someone found a shoebox in the woods in Connecticut. Inside was a man”s torso. There were no arms, legs or even a head. The box was traced to a shoe company in Chicago, whose owner said a mysterious man had purchased the box several months prior. How the box ended up in Connecticut with its grotesque contents remains a mystery.

4. Ada Constance

Ada Constance

In 1939, aging actress Ada Constance disappeared without a trace. Authorities diligently searched her vacation cottage, but found no sign of her body. A decade later, the bank inquired about her whereabouts and the police decided to have another look at the cottage. They found a skeleton waiting for them in her bed. Even more shocking? It wasn”t Ada Constance”s skeleton.

5. Jonathan Luna

Jonathan Luna

In 2003, Baltimore attorney Jonathan Luna”s body was found underneath his car in a creek in Lancaster, PA. There were stab wounds all over Luna”s body and a significant amount of blood in the back seat. Authorities believe that Luna was not the one driving when the car went into the creek. The case was never truly solved.

6. Bella Baldwin

Bella Baldwin

In 1972, the body of Bella Baldwin was found in an unmarked grave in the island town of Vinalhaven, Maine. The problem is Bella was last seen all the way down in Reisertown, Maryland. In a letter to a friend, she said she had taken a trip to Rockland, Maine, but police never figured out how her body ended up in Vinalhaven. Police believe she possibly drowned.

7. The John Doe Of Fhe Georgia-Pacific West Inc. Paper Mill

The John Doe Of Fhe Georgia-Pacific West Inc. Paper Mill

In 1987, a John Doe was found in one of the chimneys of a paper mill in Bellingham County in Washington State. It seemed like a strange place in which to dispose a body, requiring the murderer to climb several flights of stairs. But because of the severe heat damage the body suffered, police were unable to determine the identity of the victim, let alone the criminal.

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Hopefully, the families that had to cope with the mysterious losses of their loved ones will find a way to heal.

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