If You’re Ever Considering A Prank Like This…Just Don’t Do It!

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at 2016.04.21
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Who doesn’t enjoy pulling off the perfect prank? It can be the most enjoyable experience ever. However, getting it just right can take months of practice and more than a little patience.

The final payoff is usually worth every second of planning. That being said, the kind of prank that Redditor amkra attempted to play on his boss is a good example of what you should never do. I’ll let the prankster tell you in his own words.

“On April Fool’s Day, my buddy and I got the bright idea that I would hide in the industrial-sized dishwasher and tell the manager that the machine wouldn’t turn on. Standard protocol for this type of failure would have the manager first open the doors to check for anything stuck inside the machine.”

“The machine in question was the conveyor type. We turned it off and I climbed in. With this particular machine, when it was turned on, there was a very distinctive sound produced before the jets kicked on. I heard the conversation taking place between my buddy and the manager, and then I heard the sound.”

“I jumped out immediately. I must have gotten my head out of the machine before the steam kicked up. I had on an apron and a pair of jeans, and the steam wasn’t able to penetrate those articles of clothing. So I’m standing on the rear rack where the dishes come out. I’m soaking wet. The skin is literally dripping off my arms.”

“I run into the ER, and the staff has no idea what to do with me. First priority is to get an IV started. The doctor comes over and says the hand IV is too small, and the nurses must pull it out and get one started in my foot. Another couple tries in each foot, and they finally get one!”

“Once I get to the burn center, they get down to business right away. First they have to get the dead skin removed so healing can begin. This requires a sterile bath, and removal with a copper wire brush. The pain is something I can’t describe in words.”

“Initially, the doc suspected I would be hospitalized for about 30 days, and then sent home to quarantine myself. This meant I was possibly looking at having to re-take my junior year of high school. Doc indicated that steam burns either get worse overnight, or they begin to heal.”

“On day two, the wounds had already begun healing. They did not progress to third-degree burns. No grafting required! I ended up being discharged after a week. I only missed an additional week of school. I went on to heal with no scarring, but at least I have a cool story to tell everyone now.”

(source: Reddit)

Well, that’s absolutely insane. I’m sure this kid learned his lesson and never did something that stupid again.

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