If You Like Music, You Need To See This Hotel In Germany. It Rocks!

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at 2015.09.19
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Songs lovers wanting the most perfect holiday destination should start conserving up for a visit to Germany. In Berlin, designer Olivier Nowak has crafted a sleek new hotel that may make all of the tricky Rocks in the field hang their particular mind in shame.

Known as Nhow Berlin, the resort functions words from popular classic and present songs as its assistance system, the big text imprinted on walls and objects all throughout. It might sound lame, however when the thing is that the most iconic lyrics all around the building, you won”t be able to hold back your look.

The outside is impressive by itself featuring its boxy design.

the surface is impressive on its own using its boxy design.

The lobby and concierge table.

The lobby and concierge desk.

Therefore the bell to request solution.

additionally the bell to request service.

The employees”s title tags.

The staff

The sweet pillow mints.

The nice pillow mints.

The soap.

The soap.

The hotel”s restaurant.

The hotel

As well as its menu.

And its selection.

The stairway inside hotel”s art gallery, leading to a sunny terrace.

The staircase inside hotel

Therefore the entry to your terrace.

therefore the entrance into the terrace.

(via Design Faves.)

Nowack describes, “We was able to place songs in individuals minds without playing an individual note.” He is therefore right! Every single lyric I read, we sang in my own mind. This hotel discovered a way to make music without making any noise at all.

Available away out more info on the task on their Behance page.

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