If This Is In Your Eggs, It’s Time To Find A Different Grocery Store

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at 2015.11.09
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When we make breakfast, we don’t pay too much attention to the eggs we use once they hit the pan. After all, it’s common to just go through the motions of cooking eggs to perfection, like we’ve done a million times before. You know it’s going to be ok, because you got it from the supermarket, and they don’t intentionally sell bad eggs…right?

Sometimes, however, a few manage to slip through the cracks, which is something that Redditor pep0m0lt0 learned the hard way. He accidentally cracked an egg on the kitchen counter, and it’s a good thing that he did, because inside the yolk was something gross: a whole bunch of worms.


(source Reddit)

That is revolting. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to enjoy eggs the same way again. I think I need to throw up after seeing this.

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