Human Chain Rescues Trapped Dog From Raging River

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at 2017.03.04
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Source: Rumble/ViralHog

While this indicates that heart-breaking information are at a premium this week, a heart-warming video-out of Kazakstan reveals that there’s plenty of great left on earth.

A one-minute clip posted reveals a crowd forming a human chain to scale a wall down and save a trapped puppy from a bloated river bed.

The doggie had become stranded inside a water channel that was steep and had been enveloped by running water. Six of them started to act as a big group assembled. One man went down to the station to wait with all the creature and make sure that it remains quiet, while others started descending the wall turn in hand down. A five man chain shortly formed, as well as the puppy was pulled to security.

The movie, submitted according to its description, has eventually become a sense that is viral. It’s been seen over 230,000 occasions on Face Book and almost.! Insta-Gram 29,000 occasions on


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