He Was Hiking Through The Mountains And Found A Pit Of Something Terrifying

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at 2015.11.12
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There”s nothing quite like hiking to make you appreciate nature in all its glory. All that fresh air and sunshine can make even the most diehard office worker feel human again. However, being in nature carries its own set of risks. Most of them can be mitigated if you take proper precautions and don”t needlessly put yourself in harm”s way.

For example, if you come across a pit full of angry, deadly rattlesnakes, what you shouldn”t do is stick your camera inside the pit to make a memorable video for people online. But this guy went ahead and did it anyway.

(via: Reddit)

I really, really hope this guy was using a selfie stick or something to get that close to those snakes. None of them look very happy with his intrusion. It seems like a miracle that he didn”t get bitten.

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