Get Into The Gift-Giving Spirit To Help Disadvantaged Children This Year

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at 2016.10.25
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Source: New York Cares

Source: New York Cares

Millions of generous shoppers every year find ways to give a little extra during the Holidays season. From gifts and toys, to jackets and scarves, to food donations, there are always ways to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

One organization that consistently works to give back each and every year is New York Cares.

“Each year through the Winter Wishes program we grant the wishes for 40,000 disadvantaged children, teens, and seniors,” states the New York Cares website. “Your opportunity to make an impact begins now. Partner with us to make every New Yorker feel loved this holiday season.”

Source: New York Cares

Source: New York Cares

The program is simple:

  1. Grant a New Yorker’s Holiday Wish: “Team up with friends, family, and colleagues to personally shop for children, teens, or seniors. Your gift may be the only one they receive this holiday season.
  2. How To Shop: “Gifts typically cost $40 or less before shipping costs, spend whatever amount you’re comfortable with. You can always reach out to your contact person with questions about clothing sizes, favorite colors, ethnic preferences for toys, etc.”
  3. Send a Wrapped Gift: “The recipient’s name, delivery address, the delivery date (December 9th) and a tracking number will be included with the letter. Please make sure this information is attached to the finished present.”

For more information and to register, you can visit the New York Cares page here.

For different programs and other ways to give, head on over to the Homepage.


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