Gangstas Christmas Came To The Burbs

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at 2015.12.03
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A woman received a knock at her door and when she cracked the door open, what she saw stopped her cold. Five black men dressed in all black stood on her doorstep. They looked like “gangstas“… but they had a surprise.

The video started off with one of the men installing a camera above the woman’s door. Then they knocked on the door. When the woman cracked her door open, one of the men reached in his jacket pocket, prompting the woman to quickly close the door in fear.

However, when he retrieved the item from his jacket pocket, it was not a firearm but rather a harmonica. The men then began to sing a Christmas carol in a way we have not seen before.

The men beat-boxed and harmonized to the tune of “Little Drummer Boy.” When the woman realized that the scary men were just carolers, she opened her door and stepped outside.

The sheer embarrassment and shock was still present on her face.

I guess it goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Here’s the video below:

This was part of a prank show from the YouTube channel “MabeinAmerica,” created by Tom Mabe. When he showed up towards the end of the carol, the woman seemed to recognize him and laugh in sheer joy as she said, “Are you kidding me?!”

Yes… yes, he was.

Share this fantastic video to remind everyone to be a little more open-minded during this holiday season… who knows, it could rub off throughout the rest of the year.

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