Fastest ‘Judge Judy’ Case Ever After Man Incriminates Himself In 26 Seconds

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at 2016.11.08
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Source: Judge Judy

Source: Judge Judy

On Tuesday, Judge Judy welcomed a case between what is seemingly a woman and her ex-boyfriend, where the woman claimed the man stole from her, including a wallet filled with money, gift cards, a calculator, and an earpiece.

But according to the accused thief, there was no earpiece.

Did you get that? The man who claims he didn’t steal from the woman, said the wallet that he didn’t steal didn’t have an earpiece in it. Uh, how exactly would you know if you didn’t steal it??

Watch this amazing clip.

All in a day’s work, eh, Judge Judy?

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

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