Each of These Items Look Perfectly Normal, But They’re All From a Dollhouse.

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at 2015.10.04
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Some people have hobbies to take their minds away from work. They punch out at the factory and go play softball or collect stamps. And then some choose to make their hobby play with people”s minds. Upon first glance, you would probably not find anything amazing about these photos. After all, they look like ordinary every day items…until you realize the painstaking effort it took to create each one, and that they”re all tiny enough to fit in a dollhouse.

The attention to detail in these miniature items are off the charts. I can”t fathom how a person could do this without a shrink ray. Check out more of Kim Saulter”s work here.

I”m going to go on record and say I”ve scoured the Internet for a long time and I was convinced that I couldn”t be amazed anymore. I felt like I”ve seen it all. I was amazed when I saw these miniature renderings of these every day items. In fact, I kept showing my co-workers and talking about it so much that they are annoyed with me now. Kudos, Kim Saulter. You got me.

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