Do You Like Lego? Do You Like Harry Potter? Then You’ll Love This.

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It”s quite possible that Alice Finch, mom of two from Seattle, loves LEGO more than you do. If you think that”s impossible, consider that she built an entire scale model of the popular Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter series, using some 400,000 LEGO blocks to do so.

Finch purchased LEGO blocks by color by the hundreds (or even thousands) to complete this project.

(via My Modern Met, The Brothers Brick)

“I started building about five years ago when I was spending a lot of time with my older son in our Lego room. He was doing the building; I was doing the sorting and putting away, she says. After a while, I realized that I really wanted to build, too.”

They do make Harry Potter Lego sets, but Finch wanted something bigger, more detailed, and more in keeping with the design in the books and films. The completed model features entire rooms, “moving” portraits, a cast of characters, and magical creatures lurking in the corners. Scenes from the books and films can also be found throughout the model, which includes the classrooms, dorms, dining hall, grounds, and much more.

She did extensive research from both the books and movies, and even took a Harry Potter studio tour in London for inspiration. And if that”s not dedication: Finch had the help of her young sons, but after they went to bed, she found herself staying up until 1am completing the details, which include recessed lighting throughout the structure.

Yep, it lights up.

All that worka year of it, to be exactpaid off, though. The massive model took home two awards at BrickCon2012. Today, it”s still in Finch”s house. The house must be spacious, considering that each leg of the L-shaped model is some 13 feet long. But Finch says it”s not going anywhere, as her sons enjoy playing with it.

You can see even more of the model on Finch”s Flickr page. And there is quite a lot to see.

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